Nesting Season

DSCF1309Nesting Season Is Almost Here!

The warm weather the last couple of days has had me thinking of spring. Sitting outside listening to the birds singing I know it will soon be nesting time for my backyard birds.  (That is not one of my backyard birds in the picture that’s one of our indoor birds and she loves the warm weather too!)

Nesting season varies depending on a variety of factors including:

• Bird Species

• Weather Condition

• Geographic Location

• Food Availability

Most birds start nesting from March onward. Studies show that the basics in nest construction are primarily instinctive across species but that a bird’s nesting skills improve as it ages and gains experience. Even with their skills, they sometimes need a little help, so keep that cat indoors! I think a great project for my grandkids and me is making some nesting boxes. You can easily make them, or simply buy some from your local garden store.

Mar 12

Nesting Season

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