Northern Climate Perennials

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Northern Climate Perennials

The First of May sure didn’t start the way I had planed, it snowed….It SNOWED. As I was waiting for our granddaughter at her bus stop, the cold north wind felt like January all over again.And to think days before, we had basked in mid-70s and warm sunshine.We had already begun cleaning up the yard and clearing out the gardens to make room for glorious spring growth.

Unexpected frost and May snows  can stack the odds for gardeners. It made me think of the kind of flowers that do best in a northern climate. Perennials are my favorites and the peonies that bloom in late spring or early summer can add lots of color to your garden. They make a great cut flower with their shades of white, pink and red with single or double. Another favorite is the bleeding heart… Those beautiful arched sprays of heart-shaped pink flowers in the spring is a must. Bee balm, Siberian Iris and the Balloon Flower are a few more northern climate perennials that work well in our northern gardens.

I think some of the hardiest are ferns, day-lilies, daffodils, sedum and of course hostas. These northern climate perennials seem to do well with the worst summers and the toughest winters living for years with very little care ever!

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Northern Climate Perennials

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