Simple Garden Pond

DSCN0312Simple Garden Pond

I woke up on a beautiful Saturday with a powerful brain storm (scary!).

The idea? Not much, just a small, intimate backyard pond… a fitting home for my beloved angel fountain, a garage-sale treasure. Not wanting to take a trip to the garden center, I found a good use for that old leaky air mattress. Modified a little, it would serve as a perfect pond liner!
First, I cut the fuzzy top part of the air mattress from the bottom, being extra careful when I cut the baffles so that I didn’t cut into the top section.
Next, I dug an 18-inch deep hole and inserted the “new” liner.
I then used old bricks that had been taken up from a walkway to line the edges of the hole.
Finally, we used dirt to cover the liner that was still showing beyond the brick border.

I added a couple of rocks.

The fountains pump and







I have a very simple garden pond.










The perfect storm.

May 18

Simple Garden Pond

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