Solomon’s Seal

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I just read in a local paper that the 2013  Perennial Plant Association’s perennial of the year is  Polygonatum Odoratum ‘Variegatum’, also known as Solomon’s Seal. This excited me because my brother just gave us one two springs ago and this year it is simply beautiful.

The Perennial Plant Association was formed in 1990 with the idea of promoting perennials that meet certain conditions including ease of maintenance, pest and disease resistance, plant availability, good seasonal interest and suitability to different climates.

Our Solomon’s Seal when first planted in an unfenced garden, was sturdy enough to survive our two dogs who loved to sleep on it. This year I’m happy to say the garden is  fenced, and now the Solomon’s Seal has room to grow.  It is vigorous in our area in both full and partial shade.  As the Latin name suggests it has a beautiful smell and the the variegated foliage looks very nice in a flower arrangement. This perennial beauty has something of interest from spring through fall. It has arched stems that form a  loose mound 18 to 24 inches tall.  The white blossoms, appearing in mid to late spring, are small and bell shaped and are followed later by bluish black berries and yellow leaves.  They can be divided in spring or fall and have no serious insect or disease problems.  Our garden look very elegant with this handsome Solomon’s Seal planted with our hostas.  This easy-care plant may be something you’d like to dress up your landscape or garden.

Jul 17

Solomon’s Seal

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